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Before we set up a goal in Google Analytics, let’s draw a distinction between two types of goals: business goals and Google Analytics Goals.

Business goals are actions you want your user to take on your website. Each time a user completes one of your business goals, we call this a “conversion.” This could be signing up for a newsletter or buying a product.

But in Google Analytics, you use a feature called “Goals” to track these conversions. Once you configure Goals, Analytics will create conversion-related metrics. like the total number of conversions, as well as the percentage of users that converted. We refer to this as the “conversion rate.”

Marketing campaigns can take several forms. Your business may want to advertise using text ads on search engine results, banner ads placed on strategic publisher websites, or you may have social media or email campaigns that communicate your brand and products to customers. It’s common to use a combination of these marketing activities to drive sales and website conversions.

1.     Marketing campaigns are tracked in Google Analytics through “campaign tagging.” Campaign tags are extra bits of information that you add to the URL links of your online marketing or advertising materials. These include tracking parameters followed by an equals sign and a single word or hyphenated words that you designate.